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Life Services - Spring 2019

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Workshop for LLI Instructors                                     

Thursday                                            LS191077             


Jan 3

Instructor(s): Dr. Michael J. Wriston and Rachel Ramirez

This workshop will have two primary objectives: 1) To increase the connectivity and collegiality among LLI faculty; and 2) To share ideas about ways to improve the LLI experience for both faculty and students. Whether you are a first-time or experienced faculty member, our hope is that you will find something of value in this workshop. Members who are instructing/facilitating this session or plan to in a future session are invited and welcome!


Discovering Your Gifts and Your Life's Purpose                                

Tuesday                                              LS191084             


Jan 8, 15

Instructor(s): Dr. Michael J. Wriston

This course will provide an overview of why discovering one's gifts and life's purpose is important and how to go about it. The instructor will share how many people never realize their purpose, which turns out to be an important factor not only in providing a clear sense of direction and structure for one's life but also for avoiding and/or ameliorating the risks of dementia.


Emergency Preparedness and EMS Passport                                      

Wednesday                                      LS191050             


Jan 9

Instructor(s): Jessica Robison and Millie Bishop

Students will learn how to prepare for emergencies and disasters by understanding the hazards that can affect Chesterfield County, what supplies are needed to sustain themselves for at least 72 hours following a disaster, how to communicate with others and how to stay connected to information relevant to the incident. This course will also present information about the Chesterfield County office of Emergency Management, the Chesterfield County CERT program, Yellow Dot program and File for Life.


De-clutter, Downsize and Dispose of the Stuff                                 

Monday                                              LS191036             


Jan 14

Instructor(s): Susan Campbell

Do you have a lot of stuff? Perhaps you plan on moving in the future or perhaps you just want to get rid of some of it. In this course, students will learn tips, suggestions, and planning for downsizing their lives. Simple ways to sort through the clutter, decide what to keep, plan for the next step, and dispose of what you don't want will also be presented.


Wags and Whiskers: How to Help Your Animal Community                                       

Tuesday                                              LS191059             


Jan 29

Instructor(s): Andi Clinton

Learn about ways to help your community through the Richmond Animal League (RAL). Located just down the street, RAL offers a variety of opportunities to get involved and help cats and dogs in the community. Learn about the current state of animals in Central Virginia, programs designed to help the community and ways you can get involved.


Home Health and Hospice: Everything You Need to Know!                                        

Tuesday                                              LS191081             


Feb 5

Instructor(s): Kristen Kern

This interactive and easy to understand course will discuss everything one needs to know about Home Health and Hospice. Whether caring for a loved one during an illness or being pro-active before a scheduled surgery, it is important to understand the services available to assist in the recovery at home. What services are provided? Who qualifies? How much does it cost? How long does it last? How is it set up? What should be considered when choosing a provider? Are there resources available to help in the search? These questions and more will be answered.


VirginiaNavigator: A Family of Websites                                             

Tuesday                                              LS191069             


Feb 12

Instructor(s): Bonnie Scimone

Finding local support services for seniors and caregivers is as simple as a click of a mouse! Bonnie Scimone, Community Outreach Specialist at VirginiaNavigator, will share information and demonstrate how to use SeniorNavigator, an online directory that lists 26,000+ resources that help older adults remain independent and supports family caregivers. Learn how to find information about health and aging issues, financial concerns, legal questions, caregiver support, housing and assisted living communities, and much more.


Home Safety for Independent Living                                    

Wednesday                                      LS191013             


Feb 20

Instructor(s): Mike Spriegel

Students will have fun learning practical ways to make their homes safe for independent living. Topics include a humorous look at the challenges of aging along with a serious look at how those challenges affect senior safety. We will cover things such as fire and fall prevention, along with simple, quick and inexpensive fixes for common household hazards -- including gizmos, gadgets and doohickies available at most pharmacies and home improvement stores. Students will enjoy this interactive presentation and will have an opportunity to win a small door prize. Hand-outs include guides to free senior resources and a comprehensive home safety checklist. Students will leave with a few chuckles along with knowledge of how they and their elderly loved ones can live safely in their own homes for as long as possible.


The 4-1-1 on 2-1-1 VIRGINIA                                      

Tuesday                                              LS191109             


Feb 26

Instructor(s): Altise M. Street

Would you like to know what 2-1-1 VIRGINIA does? Have you ever needed assistance but didn’t know where to call? If so, this course is for you!  Students will learn about the services of 2-1-1 VIRGINIA and find out how they assist our community.


Negative Reinforcement and the Psychology of Fear                                    

Wednesday                                      LS191131             


Feb 27

Instructor(s): Robert Wadsworth

Negative Reinforcement is a frequently misused term and misunderstood concept. Correctly defined, though, negative reinforcement often plays an insidious but pivotal role in our behavior. In this Psychology class, students will be given an overview of the four basic types of operant learning (of which negative reinforcement is one), and will recognize the way in which negative reinforcement is often a factor driving fear, avoidance, and addiction. Ways of reversing the effects of negative reinforcement will be discussed.


Winning the War Against Paper                                              

Wednesday                                      LS191105             


March 6

Instructor(s): Debbie Bowie

Paper is unrelenting. It just keeps pouring in, cluttering up our homes and offices. It is the most difficult organizing challenge that we face in our daily lives. Paper clutter can shut down even the best organizers. In this course, students will learn what makes paper management so challenging, strategies for clearing paper clutter and daily paper management. What papers to keep and what can be pitched as well as habits that will make it possible to prevent future paper clutter nightmares will also be discussed.


Senior Living Community Options: Be Proactive Not Reactive!                                 

Thursday                                            LS191097             


March 7

Instructor(s): Marc Friedlander, MBA CSA

Roughly 44 million Americans (one out of six) provide unpaid informal care each year to the older U.S. population. Using a proactive approach, this course will discuss the many benefits an Assisted Living Community can provide, how an assisted living community can be a positive influence as an individual embarks on a new stage in his or her life, and when is the right time to explore assisted living options. Students will learn the differences between an Assisted Living Community and a Skilled Nursing Facility. There will be time for a Q & A session at the end.


Overcoming Loneliness and Increasing Joy                                         

Tuesday                                              LS191085             


March 12

Instructor(s): Dr. Michael J. Wriston

This course will provide students with a variety of practical ideas, suggestions and techniques for overcoming loneliness and adversity while simultaneously increasing joy!


Introduction to Feng Shui: Arranging Your Space to Enhance Your Life                                  

Wednesday                                      LS191111             


March 13

Instructor(s): Debbie Bowie

Did you know you could improve your life by making changes in the environments in which you live and work? Feng Shui is the study of how to arrange space to enhance life. Students are invited to join a professional organizer and Feng Shui practitioner for an introduction to this ancient Chinese art that has the potential to change their lives. Key principles of Feng Shui and solutions to common problems in both home and office will be reviewed. Students should come ready to begin a journey into a fascinating, fun and fulfilling way to improve their lives!


Improving All Your Relationships                                            

Tuesday                                              LS191090             


March 19, 26

Instructor(s): Dr. Michael J. Wriston

This course will both identify the most common obstacles to more satisfying relationships and enable participants to enhance the communication and other skills it takes to create them. Students will gain skills and strategies for improving any and all relationships.


Getting Things Done                                     

Wednesday                                      LS191128             


March 20

Instructor(s): Debbie Bowie

Getting things done is essential for keeping a job, keeping a home, and keeping your life in order. How good are you at remembering what you need to do, initiating action, and completing tasks? Remembering, initiating and engaging in, and completing tasks are three separate challenges that will be explored in this course. Students will learn ways to capture tasks to do, strategies for initiating action, and a new perspective on completion that will motivate them to finish tasks.


End of Life Services: Not Your Grandparent's Funeral!                                  

Monday                                              LS191132             


March 25

Instructor(s): Susan Campbell

The world is changing in so many different aspects of our lives and that includes funeral and memorial services. Learn about and discuss the interesting and innovative changes including the new approaches to end-of-life decisions like space burials, cremation jewelry and green cemeteries. Enjoy conversation and questions about one of society's most taboo subjects.


Becoming an Optimist                                  

Tuesday                                              LS191094             


April 9

Instructor(s): Dr. Michael J. Wriston

This course will help students discover the difference between an “optimist” and a “pessimist”, the advantages of optimism and effective strategies for becoming one.


Chesterfield County Public Library: Your Ticket to Free Entertainment                                 

Wednesday                                      LS191086             


April 10

Instructor(s): Cindy Arnold

Did you know that the library offers movies, CDs and magazines for free? And that these resources are available in digital format, so that you may access them from the comfort of your own home? Learn about the RB Digital app for downloading magazines on your tablet and the Hoopla app for streaming movies and music.


Protecting Your Boundaries: Assertiveness and the Difficult Conversation                                         

Tuesday                                              LS191095             


April 16, 23

Instructor(s): Dr. Michael J. Wriston

This course will discuss ways to effectively raise and resolve difficult issues. Students will learn and have the opportunity to apply or practice effective ways to be heard and effectively address many of the issues in their personal and/or professional lives. The first class will provide an overview and discussion, and the second class will be an opportunity to review the discoveries and discuss applications.


Envision Your Future                                    

Friday                                  LS191127             


April 26

Instructor(s): Linda Rubin

This course will provide an enriching, uplifting time for each student to create a vision board that is thought-provoking and fun to make. The instructor will guide students as they create a visual representation of what they want their future to hold. Students should bring plenty of magazines and newspapers to cut up for images to glue on their instructor-provided Vision Boards.


Increasing Your Willpower and Patience                                             

Tuesday                                              LS191098             


April 30

Instructor(s): Dr. Michael J. Wriston

This course will provide students with a variety of practical ideas, suggestions and techniques for increasing life's most precious resources: our patience and willpower.


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