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Philosophy and Religion - Summer 2019

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Bible Discussion                                              

Thursday                                            PR192002            


May 9, 16, 23, 30, June 6, 13, 20, 27, July 11, 18, 25, Aug 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

Instructor(s): Mike Pagel and June Leslie

This Bible discussion group will continue a verse by verse study of the book of Isaiah. Newcomers welcome!


Socrates Café                                   

Wednesday                                      PR192003            


May 22, June 26, July 24, Aug 28

Instructor(s): Annebel Lewis and Stephen Peterson

This ongoing philosophical discussion uses the Socratic Method to discuss questions, topics or issues through perspectives of various philosophers from Aristotle to the present, as well as through one's own experiences. The discussions this session will focus on Science and Aesthetics.


Historical Bible Facts                                    

Wednesday                                      PR192059            


June 5, 12

Instructor(s): Wayne Moyer

This course will aim to provide answers to questions people have about Biblical characters and events that the Bible doesn’t expound on. For example: How and when did the Bible become a book, especially the New Testament letters? Why are there only four Gospel accounts? Didn’t the other apostles write about Jesus? What happened to all of the apostles? Where did they go? How did they die? What happened during the 430 years of silence between the Old Testament book of Malachi and the New Testament book of Matthew? Why do some Bibles have Apocryphal Books and others do not? Are numbers representative of anything specific in the Old and New Testament? Students will examine other historical references to Biblical characters and events that are not found in the Bible.


Peter in the Book of Acts                                            

Friday                                  PR192062            


July 12, 19, 26, Aug 2

Instructor(s): Mark A. Grubbs

This course examines the life of the Apostle Peter as depicted in Luke's writing of the Acts of the Apostles. After Jesus ascended, Peter became a powerful force in the development of the early church. Join us for discussion as we look at what he did, how he did it, and the results of what he did and how it began to change the Mediterranean world of his day.


Fashions in Biblical Times                                           

Wednesday                                      PR192042            


July 17, 24

Instructor(s): Dr. Edward Garrett, Jr.

Can you image how people really dressed in Biblical times? Have you wondered what the fashion-minded and the average man and woman wore 2500 years ago? Here is the opportunity to learn about the clothes, the styles of the rich and poor of the Bible. We will examine the headwear and footwear for men and women. We don't want to miss exploring the accessories--jewelry, ornaments, and cosmetics. What a fascinating, informative, and educational experience!


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